Obstacle Training In Vancouver

Bodyweight Training Bodyweight Training is the most effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle. Everyone dreams of the perfect body and as a result will try and hit the gym or buy expensive equipment for the home but what people don’t often realize the potential of just using your own bodyweight. ObstacleFit’s foundation is based on the value of bodyweight training. Using your own mass, the mass of a partner(s), and various small weighted functional training devices anyone can achieve perfect results for as little as 6 minutes to as much as 60 minutes a day. As the body develops and adjusts a simple 6 minute routine would grow and grow noticing the body changing with each day. A person’s appearance had a lot to do with fitness. When the body gains weight through inactivity and poor eating habits an individual will look for the most efficient way to revert back to a lean, youthful look. With bodyweight training and ObstacleFit you’ll notice an addiction. As you conquer each obstacle you want to push your body to that next level. Training the body to get used to a minimum of 3-4 bodyweight routines a week will get the best results. The body does need rest but with a dynamic workout and changing up the routine anyone can train almost daily and still get optimal results in the quickest amount of time. ObstacleFit and it’s use of bodyweight training with any modules has limitless possibilities. The secret to success is variety, goal setting and a group atmosphere. Bodyweight training is amazing as an individual but sometimes a second or third body will increase the intensity, motivation and fun.