Obstacle Training In Vancouver

Implementing ObstacleFit You’ve designed your routine. Do not force yourself to memorize a routine but have a basic knowledge of what muscle group is engaged. You are always able to modify the workout depending on your level of fitness. Dynamic workouts is the foundation of ObstacleFit so reading a routine will distract your focus and reduce the fun. Stretching prior to workout is key. Spend several minutes mentally and physically preparing to go 100% for the entire length of time. As important as the warm up stretch and mental preparation the 6 minute module or cool down can be used to not only stretch out the muscles but also relax the mind. While there is no meditation or chanting at the end of ObstacleFit it is encouraged to now reengage your mind. Instead of coming back to reality abruptly it is better for that 6 minute period to focus on only the important elements of your day. If you spend the 6 minutes engaged in the positive thought while stretching you will associate positivity to your workout. Never associate stress and fatigue with your workouts. Fitness and health exist not to harm but help the body and mind. If you think positively towards your workout you will be amazing how addicted you become. You will start to crave workouts and feel withdrawal if you miss out on a training session. In a group atmosphere it is encouraged to smile and engage with the entire room. Making friends and training buddies is by far the best aspect of ObstacleFit. If you can develop a routine that involves a friend, spouse or group fitness member then your workout will be far more positive. If you are involved in a class of ObstacleFit then you have even more opportunity to engage with your group and reduce stress while simply doing what your instructor guides you to do. ObstacleFit instructors are not drill sergeants or intimidators but instead your guide. Other members in the group act as your motivators. You alone can keep your body health and fit for years to come.